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Robe chemise rayé - Bleu et Blanc S Mobile
Robe chemise rayé - Bleu et Blanc S Mobile
Robe chemise rayé - Bleu et Blanc S Mobile
Robe chemise rayé - Bleu et Blanc S Mobile



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Robe Chemise Rayé - Bleu Et Blanc S

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  • sandundermyfeet

    I have been eyeing this dress since Zaful posted this on their website. On the website the stripes looks thinner and finer but in person they are more prominent. Either way it still is super nice. The material use is cotton polyester, just like the ones you see being used on striped polo shirts nowadays. I like the little details of the dress. The folded parts on the shoulder and at the back, the smocked elastic waistline, the button down panels that are hidden, the Chinese collar, the red embroidery on the breast pocket, the hem with curved side cut details and the sleeve cuffs that when your fold outside reveals this blue and red piping tape that adds a very nautical feel to the dress. You can also fold the sleeves and fasten it on with that cloth strip using those buttons on the sleeves. I got this in large size. The length and fit is perfect. I like that I can use this dress on casual days and even at work. I can pair it with ballet flats or flat sandals. And oh, this also comes with an extra button just in case you lose one. Definitely a new favorite addition to my wardrobe.

    • I have been eyeing this dress since Zaful posted this on their website. On the website the stripes looks thinner and...

    Jun. 06, 2017 at 21:49:34 PM

  • Isa

    The dress is quite pretty and flairy, but the location of the buttonholes forms a crease just by the waist that looks quite unflattering. I think I'm a medium and I have quite a small waist, so I that definitely shouldn't happen! And I admit, every element that the pictures show is there, but the white lining starts at a weird point, just by the hips, so it's not fully lined as I was led to believe; the striped cuff linning looks cheap; and the material is definitely not linen, it smells to polyester! I'll have to take measures to fix it, but I'll keep it anyway... still pretty. But it has no pockets *snif* Sooo, for cheap-ish quality, I'd give it 3.5 stars, but the system doesn't allow it XD Ye be warned!

    Jul. 24, 2017 at 16:41:46 PM

  • 3w9t2y1m

    Beautiful! Soft fabric, lovely print.
    As a 32DD, it is a little snug around the bust and gapes slightly, but I can fix that with some additional fastenings. It's a normal problem with fitted button-ups for me. Fits well across the waist and hips though.
    As other reviewers have mentioned, the placket covering the buttons sticks out a bit at the waist, but that may be OK after ironing.
    This item DEFINITELY needs ironing.

    Jul. 26, 2017 at 02:34:17 AM

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Description du Produit

Style: Décontracté
Occasion: Causal,Jour,Travail
Matières: Coton,Lin
Silhouette: A-Ligne
Longueur de Robes: Longueur Genou
Encolure: Col Montant
Longueur des manches: Manche 3/4
Type de Motif: Rayure
Avec Ceinture: Non
Saison: Automne,Printemps
Poids: 0,3700kg
Liste d'emballage: 1 x Robe

Robe-chemisier en mélange de lin à rayures et à manches longues 

Guide des Tailles

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Notre TailleConvenir à la Taille USBuste
Largeur d'Épaule
Tour de Taille
Tour de Hanches
S486 / 33.8638 / 14.9668 / 26.7792 / 36.22
M690 / 35.4339 / 15.3572 / 28.3596 / 37.80
L894 / 37.0140 / 15.7576 / 29.92100 / 39.37
Tableau de Conversion
US Angleterre UE BR
2 6 34 PP
4 8 36 P
6 10 38 M
8 12 40 G
10 14 42 GG
12 16 44 GGG
Comment Mesurer
Mesurez à partir du centre de la colonne vertébrale à la base du cou, au niveau de l'épaule, sur le coude et jusqu'au poignet.
Mesurez autour de la partie la plus importante du buste.
Mesurez autour de la taille au point le plus étroit.
Maintenez vos talons collés et mesurez autour de la partie la plus large des hanches.
Mesurer est plus facile si quelqu'un vous aide. Debout confortablement avec les jambes légèrement écartées, mesurer à partir du dessous de l'entrejambe jusqu'au bas des hanches.
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Robe chemise rayé - Bleu et Blanc S Mobile



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  • Taille

    S M L

    Convenir à la Taille US:4   Longueur:34.25   Longueur de Manches:17.32.(En Pouces)

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