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Bikini Imprimé Feuilles Avec Ficelle Derrière - Bleu Et Blanc S

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USD 12.39

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Description du produit

Type de Maillot de Bain: Bikini
Type: Pour Femmes
Matières: Nylon,Polyester
Style de Soutien-gorge: Rembourré
Type de Soutien: Sans Armature
Encolure: Bretelles
Type de Motif: Plante
Type de Taille: Taille Basse
Élasticité: Élastique
Pois: 0,200 kg
Liste d'emballage: 1 x Haut 1 x Slip

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  • By 9179461s Aug. 12, 2017 at 16:41:52 PM

    The shipping was okay it didn\'t take to long but it came from China which I did not expect I thought it would come from US.

    I altered the Leaf Print Strappy Back Bikini top which is reversible. This bikini has a cheaper material feel to it but for the price of a 2 in 1 bikini I cant complain. This one was a little loose on me and I got it altered to be pulled together in the front to make the fit a little tighter and also that the front looks more flattering on me. The bottom fits perfectly. I got this bikini in M.

    I would say I am okay with my order since I got to alter all of three of my tops that I ordered through Zaful for 13 CAD Dollars which could of been the price of one of the bikinis. But they turned out good after I got them altered. Some of the prices of the bikinis are to high for their quality. They should have an option to choose different sizes for the top and the bottom. It is always an risk to order online so please keep that in mind. Also please remember everyone\'s body shape is different so the fit might be different on you then other people write in reviews. Always keep an open mind about websites likes these since you cant try on any of the pieces but you can always alter them.


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