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3 Pcs Brosses à Dents En Forme De Maquillage + éponge De Maquillage En Forme De Larme + Brosse D'oeuf - Noir

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USD 8.70

Prix du marché: USD 14.29

Description du produit

Composante du package:
1 x Brush (brosse à dents Forme)
1 x Eyeliner Brush (brosse à dents Forme)
1 x Sponge Blender (Forme Goutte d'Eau)
1 x Brosse Egg (pinceau de maquillage magique Cleaner)

Prix: Ensembles de Brosses
Matériel de Brosse Cheveux: Nylon
Caractéristiques: Professionnel
Saison: Automne,Printemps,Été,Hiver
Pois: 0.1200kg
Liste d'emballage: 3 x Brosses (Pcs) 1 x éponge de maquillage 1 x Brosse d'oeuf

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  • By 26b9429k Sep. 05, 2017 at 00:39:11 AM

    I ordered these as I\'ve always been curious about the toothbrush brushes but not wanted to shell out the money. These look great and are very soft and dense. I had fun using them! I used the large one to apply foundation and while I needed to use a bit more than I normally would (I think the brush soaked some up), the effect was gorgeous. It looked like my skin but better! I used the smaller one for concealer and it worked great too. They do feel a bit breakable though. I had to hold them from the handle, but then with a finger up on the back of the brush for support as it made some ominous creaking sounds at first.
    Overall I do really like these and will be using frequently!
  • By marinamichielin Aug. 28, 2017 at 04:28:48 AM

    liked everything. Brushes are soft and good
  • By IonelaLuncanu Aug. 24, 2017 at 07:49:51 AM

    Omg they're perfect! So beautiful and with a very soft brush
    • Omg they're perfect! So beautiful and with a very soft brush
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